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Books: Winds of Change

Jeanne Smucker and her three siblings grew up in the far-away nation of Ecuador in the 1940s and 50s.They were part of a mission for the United Brethren Church in America, to provide agricultural assistance to local people and offer them mission schools and a church. Jeanne grew to love the indigenous friends she made, the local customs, the Andes mountains towering above their farm home. When she left at 14, she left part of her life behind. This book is the story of her return, as a grandmother, to find old friends and touch again the culture she had grown up with. She’s a “Third Culture Child,” she states, and this book tells how it is to grow up in three different worlds but really not feel a part of any of them. The book shows her return as a satisfying experience in re-bonding and re-touching early life, but also affirmation that the job her parents and family lived for the faith was not in vain.